Ramiro’s energy and enthusiasm are matched only by his technical prowess and organizational skills. He is extremely thorough and well organized, very creative, and a skilled communicator. He listens well and articulates his views clearly, and has extremely high standards for pushing the boundaries and doing state of the art big-screen character rigging.

T. Dan Hofstedt – Animation Supervisor Warner Bros.

Ramiro has a great wealth of production experience which comes over in how he tackles technical challenges and communicates with all members of a post production team. He has a great eye and is very creative.

Richard Clarke – Double Negative

Ramiro is a Layout and Animation artist’s dream. He knows the needs and issues of the artists who use his rigs usually better then the artist know themselves. Not only that, he truly makes the working environment a pleasure to be in. I highly recommend him in any endeavor

Gary Parks – Laika

Ramiro is one of a kind. A rigger of unbelievable tech skills who understands what it is an animator needs.

Dave Lowry – Animator Double Negative

“Ramiro is one of the most positive and can-do CG artists / supervisors I have ever worked with. The conversation with Ramiro usually goes like this: “Ok, did it. What’s next and when do you want it for?”; PRICELESS.”

Paul Mackman- Head of Production Axis Animation.

Ramiro was everything you hope for in a Sup: Great manager (dealt with the rigging artists very well and kept them on task); Extremely knowledgeable about his discipline (never came across a rigging problem that he couldn’t solve); Great attitude (always fun and easy to work with); Team player (never afraid to get his hands dirty and work alongside the artists).

Tommy Kiser – Laika

Ramiro can take the quality of his setups as far as any main feature character requires with ease. He was always fun while discussing problems of any level of seriousness and coming up with solutions.

Jakub Krompolc – Rigging TD Double Negative